•  Interiors and Exterior Painting 
  •  Residential and Commercial Painting 
  •  Clear Poly Coating and Staining 
  •  Kitchen Cabinets Primed and Painted 
  •  Texture Coating 
  •  Dry Wall Repair, Caulk and Sanding 

I guarantee a professional job every time. 

With Eric Stearns Painting, I offer a complete service. 

I never leave a mess, or unfinished work. You can count on me for:

  • Preparation

All furniture and floors are covered with clean drop cloths. Walls and ceilings are inspected for cracks, filled, and sanded. 

  • Painting

This includes meticulous priming before applying two coats of quality Benjamin Moore Paint or other quality paint.

  • Cleaning and Restoration

Rooms are returned to their prior state. This includes the moving of furniture.  Floors and carpets are swept and vacuumed. 

  • Inspect

Post-painting inspection of work. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. I Inspect my work before we consider the

job complete.​

​Eric Stearns Painting 
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Raleigh N.C. 27615

  •  Faux Finishing, Clouds and Sponge Painting  
  •  Carpet Cleaning and Shampoo 
  •  Trim Carpentry 
  •  Chair Rails and Molding  
  •  Wall Paper Removal with a professional steamer 
  • ​ Power Washing House, Deck and Driveways  

I not only promise to deliver beautiful results; I promise a pleasurable experience. I handle everything from prep to clean up. And, yes, I do leave the site absolutely clean at the end of the day.  I  always guarantee my results.

My Services Include:


Painting  *  Trim Carpentry  *  Deck Staining

Pressure Washing House, Decks and Driveways, Carpet Cleaning and Shampoo

Eric Stearns Painting 

919 333-5894